Yamalube : A high-end motor oil designed for Africa in CFAO

2021, January 18

Yamalube : A high-end motor oil designed for Africa

Yamalube maintains motorbikes regardless the brand or the engine outboard. Thanks to its cooling quality and anti-corrosive properties, it perfectly fits to the African climatic requirements of high heat and humidity,. 

Users do prefer YAMALUBE, not only because it’s cheaper, because it makes the engines quiet and clean. And above all, it reduces the oil consumption. It saves on maintenance and repairs, and ensure its longevity; this in all conformity with the international standards.

“In Africa, thousands of people trust it and why that? It simply reduces by 3 times the number of oil changes, preserves parts and therefore allows engines to last for years compared to the competition! ” declares Fiacre. A – Yamaha Benin Spare Parts Manager.

“10 African countries already have a great experience with Yamalube, and two more will join soon” shares Christiane. K – Assistant Head of YAMAHA Brand in Sèvres.

“Yamalube is therefore less fuel consuming, less repairs demanding, with a lasting motor… in a nutshell, this means a lot of savings at the end of the day !” says Nguessan Eugène. K – Head of After-Sales Service in Côte d'Ivoire.

Yamalube is not only about saving money. It's about enjoying your Yamaha motorbike with pride and confidence for many years. 


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